Limited Edition Prints by Jim Booth

SIGNED & NUMBERED PRINTS   (S/N):  are collector prints which will increase in value over time (once sold out).  These collector prints include the regular S/N (signed and numbered) prints, A/P (artist proof) prints, and ENV (environmental edition prints). 
Jim's edition size has increased over the years from 450 prints to 950 prints to 1400 prints, and today to 2000 prints (since the year 2000).

ARTIST PROOF PRINTS (A/P):  have the same image size and image quality as S/N prints, but the A/P's have a hand embossed "Artist Proof" stamp next to the print number (stamped by Jim himself).  The A/P edition has only 200 prints.  Befor the year 2000 the A/P edition size was only 95.  "Automatic Customers " are required to purchase every print that Jim releases  in order to keep their assigned print number.  The smaller edition size and embossed stamp make the A/P's more valuable prints.  Once the entire edition is sold out the A/P's are valued at 1 1/2 times the value of the S/N prints.


 prints are a special edition that are not for retail sale.  Jim donates this entire edition of 95 prints to various non-profit organizations for auctions, raffles, etc.  These prints have an embossed gold seal in the image of the picture.