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    Limited Edition

    • Storm Surge 1911

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      Limited Edition Prints on Paper:  
      Signed & Numbered ( S/N )- Edition Size 1000
      Artist Proof (A/P ) - Edition Size 200 

      Paper Print: S/N $115, A/P $165
                          Image Size 17 1/8" x 29 1/2"     

      Mini Card - $5
                            Edition Size Unlimited

                            Image Size 2 5/8" x 4 3/4" 

      Jim beautifully captures Charleston's Hurricane of 1911 as the rough waters of the harbor take a tall ship.  Ironically Jim painted this image early in 2017 before the Summer storm surge event from Hurricane Irma!!  This is similar to when he painted "Storm Warnings" back in 1988 followed by Hurricane Hugo the following year - his inspiration for the night painting:  "The Storm", 1989.

      View a few of the historical photos Jim used while creating his painting here and this is a great read from the Preservation Society of Charleston describing the Hurricane of 1911 - Click here to read    

      Canvas Print: No longer available
      Small Image Size 20" x 35"
      S/N $400, A/P $450

      Large Image Size 24" x 42"
      S/N $800, A/P $850