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    Print Values

    Authentication and Condition are key to establishing a print value.

    • Cherry Lane 4
    • Creek House 4
    • Harding 4


    Limited Edition Prints increase in value after the entire edition sells out. Click here to view our Insurance sheet listing all the prints that we can value.  You can also view each print's image, value, & other information under our Portfolio section.

    Artist Proofs (A/P) & Environmental Print (ENV) are valued at 1 1/2 times that of a Signed & Numbed (S/N) print. So if a S/N print is listed at $1000 the A/P's insurance value is $1500. Classic Edition Posters do not increase in value as they unlimited & can always be reprinted. Click here to determine what kind of print you have.

    Classic Edition Posters, although the same print quality, do not increase in value as the can always be reprinted.  There are several Classic Edition Posters that we have discontinued.  We have heard of people paying more than retail for these discontinued posters but it is not based on any Insurance Value that we have set.  

    The best places to buy/sell sold out prints are:
    E-bay, Craig's List, Charleston's newspaper in the classifieds under "Art" (Post & Courier ), and's Secondary Market , which is basically a free advertising board we offer to the public.

    **Note - As of Jim's retirement in May 2018 we have disabled the Secondary Market Section of our website.

    Historically prints sold for 1/3 to 1/2 of the insurance value but we've seen the full range from original issue price all the way to full insurance value (both of which are very rare). 



    Make sure to look over your print well for damage as some flaws are hard to see! Prints may have dents, scratches, mold, water damage, etc. Hold the print at different angles in good light and scan the entire surface for flaws. If a print is shrink wrapped (plastic wrap) or framed it may be hard to see the imperfections.

    Also make sure the print is not faded. Faded prints have a blue hue/wash to them. Check our images in our portfolio to see what the colors should look like. The prints that have a history of fading worst are those from the mid 1980's and earlier. Fade proof inks did not exist then so prints for that time will fade even under "normal" indoor house lighting!!


    We can not put values on prints released prior to 1977 (while Jim was working for Ambassador Graphics) or prints made for a specific organization (Wild Turkey Federation, SC Waterfowl Association, etc.). Jim does not own the rights to these images; therefore, he can not give them a value . The best way to determine a value is to try and contact the organization who owns the rights, browse the Secondary Market to determine the "going price", or take the print to an art appraiser. These prints include:

    Black & White Pencil Sketch Prints - Ambassador Graphics
    -Clipper Ship (printed in small & large size none numbered)
    -Shrimp boats in creek with #10 bouy (printed in small & large size none numbered)
    -Scooner at Charlestowne Landing (printed in small & large size none numbered)
    -Marsh Scene (printed in small & large size none numbered)
    -Morris Island Lighthouse (only on small size) 

    Bounty - Ambassador Graphics 
    Dock Street Theater - Ambassador Graphics 
    Golden Dawn - Ambassador Graphics
    Mallards -  SC Waterfowl Association
    Mallard Haven - Ambassador Graphics 
    Memory Beach - Ambassador Graphics
    Morning Doves - Sc Waterfowl Association 
    Plantation Gobblers - SC Wild turkey Federation 
    Rainbow Row - Ambassador Graphics  
    Sweet Grass - Ambassador Graphics  
    Trawler Haven - Ambassador Graphics
    Wings of Autumn - SC Wildlife Association  
    Woodies - SC Wildlife Federation
    Wren Chapel of London - Ambassador Graphics


    At the time of Jim's retirement in May of 2018 he is no longer issuing appraisals for his original paintings.