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    Canvas Prints

    Limited Edition Canvas Prints look just like Jim's original paintings! Since Jim's retirement in May 2018 we are not currently offering any canvas prints.

    • Lincoln 6
    • Open Table 6
    • Summit 6


    **Note - As of Jim retiring in May 2018 we are currently not offering canvas prints.  The below information is for reference  regarding how our canvas print were produced & sold.  Sign up for our newsletter, here, to receive any future notifications regarding Jim's work.

    CANVAS PRINTS: are printed on the same canvas that Jim paints on which makes them very realistic when compared to his original paintings. The entire edition is first numbered to paper then as a canvas is requested Jim tears up a paper print & signs that number to canvas - this way even after the entire edition is sold out you can upgrade to canvas - as long as the canvas prints are still available & you have a numbered paper print to trade-in. Jim does not create new/more numbers for canvas prints or sell them un-numbered...the canvas prints are part of the original Limited Edition.   The Limited Edition consist of collector prints on paper or canvas which will increase in value over time (once sold out). These collector prints include the regular S/N (signed and numbered) prints, A/P (artist proof) prints, and ENV (environmental edition prints). Jim's edition size has varied over the years from 450 prints to 2000 prints.

    NOTE:  To purchase canvas prints for sold out images you must "trade-in" an number paper print.  The paper print is destroyed & Jim signs that print number to the new canvas print.  The paper print must be destroyed so that two prints of the same number do not exist.  Canvas prints are not sold unnumbered.  We will credit you the original issue price of the paper print towards the cost of the canvas upgrade.  If the paper print is framed in our current "house" framing, with no damage, we can credit you the cost of the framing as well!