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    Secondary Market

    Buying or Selling on the Secondary market? Learn all about it here!

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    The best places to buy/sell sold out prints are:  E-bay,  Craig's List,  Charleston's newspaper in the classifieds under "Art" (Post & Courier ), and's Secondary Market , which is basically a free advertising board we offer to the public.

    Jim does not buy back his art! In 47 year Jim has only purchased 2 of his original paintings back for his personal collection.

    Historically prints sold for 1/3 to 1/2 of the insurance value but we've seen the full range from original issue price all the way to full insurance value (both of which are very rare).  Click here to view print insurance values & learn how to check for damage.

    Artist Proofs (A/P) & Environmental Print (ENV) are valued at 1 1/2 times that of a Signed & Numbed (S/N) print. So if a S/N print is listed at $1000 the A/P's insurance value is $1500. Classic Edition Posters do not increase in value as they unlimited & can always be reprinted. Click here to determine what kind of print you have.

    NOTE***  As of Jim's retirement in May 2018 we have stopped offering our Secondary Market page.  We will turn this feature back on if/when time permits.

    Please use this form (disabled see above)to submit an ad for our Secondary Market listings below.  Only sold out - Limited Edition Prints or Original Paintings can be posted (no Classic Edition Posters or Limited Edition Prints that have not sold out).  Ads will be approved & added to the list below within one week of submission & will remain up for one month.  Limit of 5 ads per person per month.  Feel free to resubmit each month as needed! 

    Ads listed in the "Secondary Market" section of this website are in no way associated with or connected to Jim Booth Art Gallery, Inc. This is an area of our web site created just for public use. Jim Booth Art Gallery, Inc. is in no way responsible for the legitimacy of listed prints, or responsible for any transactions made due to the listings on this web site.  PLEASE check prints for damage!!! In 2017 we have seen a much higher rate of damaged prints purchased on the Secondary Market. You must take the print out of protective shrink wrapping or framing to accurately see damage.  We will 100% NOT vouch for the legitimacy and/or condition of any print(s) without seeing them in person AND out of shrink wrap/frame. The buyer is welcome to bring prints in for us to look over but we ask no private, Secondary Market, transactions be made at our gallery.  We can shrink wrap, re-shrink wrap, or re-set a print in framing if requested - there is a small fee for these services.  We will check the legitimacy of a print & it's condition for no charge as long as only the buyer is present...we do not wish to get in the middle of any Secondary Market sales!!  


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