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    Secondary Market

    Buying or Selling on the Secondary market? Learn all about it here!

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    The best places to buy/sell sold out prints are:  E-bay,  Craig's List,  Charleston's newspaper in the classifieds under "Art" (Post & Courier ), and's Secondary Market , which is basically a free advertising board we offer to the public.

    Jim does not buy back his art! In 47 year Jim has only purchased 2 of his original paintings back for his personal collection.

    Historically prints sold for 1/3 to 1/2 of the insurance value but we've seen the full range from original issue price all the way to full insurance value (both of which are very rare).  Click here to view print insurance values & learn how to check for damage.

    Artist Proofs (A/P) & Environmental Print (ENV) are valued at 1 1/2 times that of a Signed & Numbed (S/N) print. So if a S/N print is listed at $1000 the A/P's insurance value is $1500. Classic Edition Posters do not increase in value as they unlimited & can always be reprinted. Click here to determine what kind of print you have.

    NOTE***  As of Jim's retirement in May 2018 we have stopped offering our Secondary Market page.  

    Ads listed on the "Secondary Market"  are in no way associated with or connected to Jim Booth Art Gallery, Inc.  PLEASE check prints for damage!!! At the time of our gallery closing we were seeing a much higher rate of damaged prints purchased on the Secondary Market. You must take the print out of protective shrink wrapping or framing to accurately see damage.  Damage includes scratches, dents, acid spots, acid lines from old mats, water damage, mold, etc.  Faded prints can range from a general dull appearance all the way to the loss of all color except blue hues.  Older prints from early 1980's and prior were not printed with UV proof inks.  These prints will fade even in indoor lighting.  To prevent fading and/or further fading the print must be stored in the dark or framed with UV proof glass.


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